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Zachery Ty Bryan

Magazine: All-Stars Magazine
Date: October, 1995

Q: How's your soccer team doing?

A: This year we ended up third in the state. We lost in the semis to this team in double over time! On our state team, five of the players are from our team, including myself.

Q: If you were asked to choose between an acting career or a professional sports career, which would you choose?

A: I would choose the acting career, because I have already taken my first step in the business, which is getting into a television show. I think I have a chance at being more successful in a career in acting than a career in sports. To be honest I think that they are both special in their own way. I love sports because I get to hang out with my friends that I don't get a chance to hang out with while I am on the set. I enjoy acting because it is like a part of me.

Q: Do the other kids on the team treat you like a tv star?

A: What's really good is that the kids that I play soccer with, we all hang out together. We're all really good friends and that is what I like about it. They look at me like Zachery Ty Bryan and not the kid on Home Improvement. In the beginning I had to prove myself as a soccer player, just like I had to prove myself as an actor. And now that I have proven myself as a soccer player, they respect me for that.

Q: Do soccer and acting ever conflict?

A: They usually don't. We play soccer mainly in the weekends because the kids can't play during school. And we don't work weekends on the set either.

Q:What are your plans for the summer?

A: Actually, I was offered three films and I have already turned down one. I'm in contention for two others. I'm looking for that one special script that will not only let me show off my acting ability, but will hopefully go to the big screen.

Q: Tell us something that your readers might not know about you.

A: I love girls! I also love bubble gum! I love strawberry sugarless Bubble Yum.

Q: We heard that you have taken an interest in drawing.

A: I have been taking art for the second semester of the school year and I really enjoy it. Once you learn the techniques, it's easier to draw.

Q: Home Improvement aired its 100th episode in May. Do you ever watch the old episodes?

A: Actually, my family tapes every episode. I love watching the older shows because you can see how we have changed. I remember the second year I had like, shaved my head except for the back.

Zachery's looking forward to making feature films on his breaks from Home Improvement. He stars in Big Foot: The Unforgettable Encounter, which filmed last year, which you can rent on video.

Thanks to Susan for sending this interview.

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