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Aired on Friday, 27 September, 1996.

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Jay is on a svavenger hunt for a college freshman who wants to join a sorority. He has found a lot of things already. He looks at his list. It says, "Floor Sweeper."

Jay: Floor sweeper?

Close-up on the Home Improvement logo on the side of the Disney studio where Home Improvement is taped. The Home Improvement theme from second and third season is playing. Cut to the Tool Time set. Tim and Al are rehearsing with tools on the workbench.

Tim: ...Close in on all these things? The tools will come first...

Al: We'll build to this one...

Tim: Hold on...

Jay: Hi guys. Hi.

Tim: Hi.

Al: Hi.

Jay: Listen, I'm sorry to bother you. I know you're rehearsing here. Listen, I'm doing this scavenger hunt for this woman. I need a... some kind of floor sweeper.

Tim: Floor sweeper?

Jay: Yeah.

Tim: How did you get in here?

Jay: I... just came in through the front.

Tim: There's security. They let you through here?

Al gets a floor sweeper from behind and demonstrates by pushing it forward and backwards in front of himself.

Al: There you go. It's neat, to the point, it has nice lines, it'll pick up anything you need.

Tim: You can use that. That's fine.

Jay: It's okay, it's kind of a... girl sweeper, isn't it?

Tim: A girl sweeper?

Al: Look at this. This is a...

Jay: I kinda thought you guys might...

Tim: We're giving you... Ah, wait a minute, all right. I see you point, though.

Tim leans up against Al and almost whispers in his ear.

Tim: Is the... you-know-what backstage?

Al: (Quietly) Yeah.

Tim: (To Jay) We've got a sweeper.

Jay drives out of the studio on a giant electrical floor sweeper machine with the name "Power Sweep 2000."

Jay: Thanks. See you later.

Tim: (Yelling) Be sure you bring that thing back here!

Jay drives into his studio and gives the freshman her things.

Transcribed by Jan Nielsen

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