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Tim Allen and Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Aired on Thursday, 21 November, 1996.

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Arnold is standing with a Turbo Man doll in his hand. Jay is trying to take it.

Jay: Hey, Arnold. Thanks for coming and thanks for dropping off this Turbo Man doll. Is this the actual one that you use in the movie?
Arnold: This is the one we used in the movie, that's correct.
Jay: Oh. That's great. Your staff was very kind to give it to me. I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this.
Arnold: No, no, no. I think there is a misunderstanding. I already promised this one to my son. This is my Turbo Man.
Jay: No, no, no. You're making the mistake. Obviously, you can get these where ever you want. This is the one in the film. Your staff said I could have it.
Arnold: I understand, but this is the one we used in the movie, okay? So I promised...
Jay: No, I think you're being an in--

Tim enters.

Jay: No, with all the money you make...
Tim: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Jay: I don't know why you can't give me the doll.
Tim: Guys, guys!
Jay: No, he promised it to me!
Tim: Come on, come on.
Arnold: This is mine.
Tim: There's a lot of noise here, we've got a show to do. It's Thanksgiving, not even Christmas. Show a little spirit. You guys are acting like a bunch of kids. It's a doll for crying out loud. Come on. Guys, guys.

Tim takes the doll.

Jay: You know, Tim, I'm embarrassed. I'm acting childish over just a piece of plastic.

Tim turns around and runs.

Tim: My daughter's gonna love this. Suckers!!!
Jay: HEY!!!

Transcribed by Jan Nielsen

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