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Show: America's Funniest Home Videos
Host: Bob Saget
Air date: ?, 1995

First segments removed. Jonathan enters the studio. The crowd applauds very loudly. The first row is girls at Jonathan's age. He shakes hands with all of them, and one gives him a teddy bear.

Bob: Oh. Look at that. It's Jonathan Taylor Thomas from "Home Improvement." I can't believe this. Oh, he's getting a gift. Oh, I don't believe it. Wow, man. How're you doing?
Jonathan: Hey. I'm doing pretty well.
Bob: Sit. You must be so tired after your long journey through our audience.

Jonathan laughs.

Bob: And someone knew you were here. They found out and gave you a stuffed thing.
Jonathan: Yeah, this is great.
Bob: That's really nice. I haven't had a stuffed thing in a long time.
Jonathan: No, I hope not.
Bob: Good point. How're you doing? You're happy to be here?
Jonathan: Oh yeah, yeah. This is great.
Bob: Well, these girls kinda went nuts. They really like you. Look at this. They're like...

We see two of the girls. They are very shy and excited at the same time.

Bob: What do you do when all these girls are running after you? Do they, like, spackle themselves to your car and stuff?
Jonathan: No, I mean... They're very nice. I mean, they give me gifts and all that...
Bob: Yeah, this is... true affection.
Jonathan: Yes, I think so. Teddy bears. I like this.
Bob: You have a teddy bear, you go right to a candle light dinner.
Jonathan: I think so. All right.
Bob: How old are you now?
Jonathan: I just turned thirteen in September, so...
Bob: Me too.
Jonathan: Really?
Bob: Well...
Jonathan: You're a big thirteen year-old, then.
Bob: Thank you very much. And you watch this show?
Jonathan: Yes I do, actually. I enjoy the videos. I like the one where the cat gets hit with the bird, and the bird die-bumps<?>.
Bob: And the cat flips over? We're sharing right now.
Jonathan: I know. Bonding. This is great.
Bob: We ought to go fishing together.
Jonathan: We should.
Bob: Do you ever go fishing?
Jonathan: I do, and I love it. It's one of my favorite hobbies.
Bob: You ever had worms? ... On the fishing, when you're fishing. Well, why don't we look at people fishing? Probably with worms.
Jonathan: All right.

Segment removed. Bob has introduced his father, Benjamin, in the audience and Jonathan joins them.

Bob: Sit. You must be tired after you walked down the steps. Why are you just walking around?
Jonathan: Well, I love dog videos and... I wanted to meet your dad. How're you doing?
Benjamin: Hello, Jonathan.
Bob: Jonathan Taylor Thomas... Benjamin Morton Saget.
Benjamin: Pleased to meet you.
Jonathan: Nice to meet you.
Bob: Well, you guys really hit it off. You have a dog, Jonathan?
Jonathan: Yes I do.
Bob: Really?
Jonathan: Yeah, I have a short, little guy.
Bob: Well, you have a dog too?

Jonathan laughs.

Jonathan: Yeah, I have two of them.
Bob: There's so much love here.

Segments removed.

Segments transcribed by Jan Nielsen.

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