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Episode Number:204 / 8.28
Production Number:
Show Number:A653
Air Date:25 May 1999
Writers:Chris Carlisle, Billy Riback
Director:Geoffrey Nelson
Taping Date:


A look back at the past eight years of Home Improvement, with cast interviews, outtakes, scenes for the final taping - and Wilson's entire face.


The Long and Winding Road, Part II, The Long and Winding Road, Part III and this episode were originally aired as a single episode with combined credits.


Tim AllenasTim Taylor
Patricia RichardsonasJill Taylor
Earl HindmanasWilson
Zachery Ty BryanasBrad Taylor
Taran Noah SmithasMark Taylor
Richard KarnasAl Borland
Debbe DunningasHeidi

Guest Cast



ProducersChris Carlisle, Kim Tushinsky
Consulting Producer Jim Praytor
Director of Photography Tim Angulo
Editor Scott Bloom
Music by Bill Byrne
Production Coordinator Sherry Olson
Post Production Coordinator Jennifer Cross
Audio David Schneider
Video Brian Maris
Based On The Stand-Up Comedy of TIM ALLEN
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Touchstone Television
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