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12th November 2003 - 21:41:58 CET
289: chelsea heather cameron IP Address: logged
I love your home improvement website. I would love to see more snapshots of each episode (season 2-season 8 ) will you be adding photos soon? Thanks. love the reference section - it really gives insight to the characters. great site - will visit it often and looking forward to any additions!
11th November 2003 - 05:55:37 CET
288: lloyd heathcote, balto. md. IP Address: logged
Tim, look I was watching a rerun of one of your shows. I saw you and Al talking about cleaning brass. You told Al to use ketchup, both of you argued about why to use ketchup, you said acid, he said vit. c , i may be mistaken, it could be reverse.You told Al it was your show. Look, I tried it, and it really worked. Maybe if more people listened to you, maybe they would also find some really neat things that actually work. Hey, and bye the way I really don't care what you did in your past, you totally made up for it, in more ways than one. I really can not wait too see you in person again. I only hope youand your wife may lead a happy and true life. Your fan always, LLOYD M. HEATHCOTE, 1626n. Calvert St. Baltimore, Maryland, 21202
08th November 2003 - 22:06:30 CET
287: Jenni, UK IP Address: logged
06th November 2003 - 11:06:50 CET
286: Daniel Bloomer, Cwmbran, Wales IP Address: logged
I think that Home Improvement is one of the best T.V shows of all time. My absolute favourite character is the comedy genius Tim Allen, I have seen and Taped every episode ever made and each one makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I watch it. I could not possibly pick a favourite as I love every one of them and I was very sad to hear that there will be no more new episodes and by the looks of the backstage pass episode when all of the characters came to give their bows you were all sad as well. Apart from Tim Allen my other favourite actors in the show are Zachery Ty Brian, yesterday I saw an episode of Teen Angel and I was very suprised to see Zachery Ty Brian in it. My other favourite character on the show is Earl Hindman as I love all of the qoutes that he has said and I have even memorised some of them and I have already managed to work them into conversations. I was really suprised when they showed his face but I think the way they were always hiding it was really funny. From your worlds BIGGEST FAN Daniel Bloomer
05th November 2003 - 12:35:36 CET
285: james sweet, london england IP Address: logged
I have been watching home improvement for 4 yers and i am very sure i have seen every one i watch it every night on the disney channel at 10 o'clock and i mean every night my fravet charecter is tim whitch i am sure is the same for meny people i dont have a fravet episode because very one is sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood but if i had to chose it would be the on when tim wins car guy of the year and they run out of gas in the middel of nowere and meet ned the gas station guy and hyde has her baby. I would like to thank the people who make the show because it is brillant please will you e mail me because i would love to here from you your biggest fan james sweet, london, england
02nd November 2003 - 20:41:04 CET
284: Antonio Tavares, Oeiras Portugal IP Address: logged
This is the cast to Indy Jones AND other film characters(this time its indy for the races,not the dog)

Indy tatarataaaa tataraa.-Tim Allen
Lara Croft-Patricia Richardson
Huey,Dewey and Louie-Zachery Ty,Jonathan T.Thomas and Tarah Smith
Hagrid and Gimli-Richard Karn
Mr. Y OR Mister Y-Earl Hindman

02nd November 2003 - 16:55:09 CET
283: Anna Dean Shields, Payson Arizona IP Address: logged
I just discovered this website today. It's fantastic!! I think "Home Improvement" was the best T.V. show EVER. And it's not that I'm swayed by the fact that Earl Hindman is my brother. Even if he had not been part of the cast, it would have been my favorite show. Their Haloween and Christmas shows were awesome. Earl was here in Arizona a few weeks ago visiting his Mom in Tucson. Thanks to all of you for your positive remarks. I miss that show so much. Dean Shields
30th October 2003 - 12:32:25 CET
282: Jenni, U.K IP Address: logged
HEY!! I'm like the biggest HI fan ever!!! I tape the 10pm episodes on the Disney Channel and watch them the next day! TS is totally adorable in the first series! JTT is a total hottie! I love watching it and I want to see it come out on DVD! Luvya loads
29th October 2003 - 00:11:26 CET
281: Jean, Maryland IP Address: logged
You have a wonderful and very informative website! My family and I are great fans of the Home Improvement Tool Time series! Only wish there were more of the shows! Thanks for all of your work on this site! We like to watch the shows during our supper time! Keep up the great work! Smiley
23rd October 2003 - 22:04:09 CEST
280: Cherry, Ontario IP Address: logged
Home Improvement is the best show ever! This is the most awesome website! Keep up the good work!
22nd October 2003 - 14:59:29 CEST
279: Timbo IP Address: logged
I can't stop grunting arh arh urgh!
22nd October 2003 - 14:56:23 CEST
278: Jessie, UK IP Address: logged
HI is the best show ever, Pat and Tim would have made a nice couple in real life. JTT is sooooooooooo cute, that show is funny to all ages, even though my mum thinks its rubbish (notice she belongs to a minority) I wish my parents had been Tim and Jill! HI forever!!!!!!!!
22nd October 2003 - 14:52:21 CEST
277: HI mad uk IP Address: logged
This is the best show in the whole world. I'm from England and none of my friends have ever seen the show, I loved it from 1991 and have started taping them so i can watch them any time I want. I wouls love to meet the cast and wish I could have been on the show, they looked like they had so much fun. Tim, Pat, Jon, Zack, Taran, Earl, Richard and Debbe are all really really funny and it would be my dream to work with any of them!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release all of them on DVD, it would be a profitable venture for disney!!!!! Every time i see a surge protector I have to laugh!!!!!!!
20th October 2003 - 15:02:05 CEST
276: kojiro44705, USA IP Address: logged
I just made my own website of the show Home Improvement. You can view it if you go to and log-in there. Then find me, kojiro44705, and go to my shop. You will be able to see it that way. Hope you like it. : )
19th October 2003 - 14:56:16 CEST
275: Ben, UK IP Address: logged
17th October 2003 - 00:05:29 CEST
274: ~colet~ IP Address: logged
hey peepl, a fink tht randy is the cutest ever!!!!!!!!!!! he is sooooo stunnin, a luv him to bits!
14th October 2003 - 00:11:34 CEST
273: liz white and family, england IP Address: logged
We all think MI is great and watch them over and over again. It is the most funniest show we have seen. But we would really like to know why they stopped it? Also are they going to release the episodes out in the uk?
12th October 2003 - 16:59:42 CEST
272: Liam J, England IP Address: logged
I think they should definetley release HI on dvd and especially in the UK.I know this site is British so there may be some bias.But i think HI is watched more and has a bigger fan base in the UK than in the Us.

Am i right?
12th October 2003 - 00:37:24 CEST
271: John, England IP Address: logged
I just caught the last ever episode on tv. I Cried! It was great to find this site, and re-live the famous "Burning down the house" Very cool, and to even find the scripts, My printer doesn't have enough ink, lol. Cheers.
09th October 2003 - 17:03:09 CEST
270: BEN NIEDORF, San Antonio, TEXAS IP Address: logged
i have been waiting 4 all episodesseasons to buy for years..i have Tim's sig.series claw hammer... would love to own ALL SEASONS an EPISODES at whatever cost is not enough...(really, 2 all of you :: BRAVO)!!!
- Ben
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