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Blake Clark

Playing Harry Turner

Episode NumberEpisode Title
077/4.03Death Begins at Forty
080/4.06Borland Ambition
081/4.07Let's Go to the Videotape
089/4.15Superbowl Fever
092/4.18A House Divided
099/4.25A Marked Man
103/5.03Her Cheatin' Mind
107/5.07The Look
113/5.13Oh, Brother
116/5.16The Vasectomy One
118/5.18When Harry Kept Delores
125/5.25Alarmed by Burglars
131/6.05Al's Video
136/6.10The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry
143/6.17Wilson's World
144/6.18Something Old, Someone Blue
145/6.19Communication Breakdown
163/7.12Old College Try
176/7.25From Top to Bottom
186/8.10Thanks, But No Thanks
197/8.21A Hardware Habit to Break
203/8.27The Long and Winding Road, Part III

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