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Episode No# 178
Written by:
Jon Vandergriff
Directed by:
Geoffrey Nelson
Transcript by:
Ashley Bryant
Corrections should be sent to:
Duncan Taylor

Tim Taylor - Tim Allen
Jill Taylor - Patricia Richardson
Randy Taylor - Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Brad Taylor - Zachery Ty Bryan
Mark Taylor - Taran Smith
Wilson - Earl Hindman
Al Borland - Richard Karn
Heidi - Debbe Dunning
Guest Cast
Lauren - Courtney Peldon
Wade Waller - Dennis Cochrum
Flannel #1 - Shelby Grimm
Flannel #2 - Harry J. Campbell
Flannel #3 - William Lewis
Flannel #4 - Timothy Reeder
L.L. Tool J. - Steffon Sam
Grand Master Bath - Sam Sarpong
Episode begins at the "Tool Time" set.
Al: Well today, we kick off the "Tool Time" lyric writing contest. For years, our theme song has had no words.
Tim: Klaus? [The "Tool Time" theme music starts playing. After a few seconds Tim cuts it off] O.K. A theme song without lyrics is like... well, it's like Al's mom without a five o'clock shadow. [Short pause while Al is thinking of a response]
Al: As I was saying, Detroit's finest song-writers are vying to have their lyrics be the crown jewel in the dazzling "Tool Time" theme.
Tim: You heard it right, there's no money involved, Heidi, tell them how the contest works. [Heidi is standing next to a gong]
Heidi: Well our contestant begins to sing, [Tim comes over to Heidi] but in the moment we don't like what we hear --
Tim: -- Plonko. [Heidi bangs the gong]
Al: Well, let's bring out our first contestant, he is carpet installer Wade Waller! [A country version of the "Tool Time" theme plays. Wade Waller comes onto the set. The audience applauds]
Tim: Thank you. Alright. Alright Waller, let's hear you holler!
Wade: One, two, three. [Wade claps on "one," "two" and "three". Sings]
Here's a song about "Tool Time,"
It's here now,
Here's a song about "Tool Time,"
And here it is,
Here's a song about "Tool Time,"
Here's a song,
Here - is - the - [Tim gongs him] "Tool Time" - song.
Tim: And here's the "Tool Time" gong!
Cut to the "Tool Time" set, a little later
Heidi: Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a warm hello to The Flannels!
[Four men enter dressed in flannel plaid shirts and jeans with black beards just like Al's]
Al: Now there's a good-looking' bunch!
Tim: Yeah, if you're a single woman at a Scottish mixer. Where are your instruments, guys?
Flannel #1: We don't have any....we'll be singing "AL-capella."
The Flannels: [Singing barber-shop quarter style]
Everyone get set for Tool Time--Wrenches!
Everyone get set for Tool Time--Ratchets!
Circular, circular, circular, circular sa-aw-aws!
[Tim doesn't gong them. He likes it.]
Al: Alright! Well they are great!
Tim: Well, congratulations, guys, you made it to the semi-finals.
The Flannels: [Singing] Semi-finals!
Tim: You're great.
The Flannels: [Singing] Really great!
Tim: [Uneasily] See you next time.
The Flannels: [Singing] See us next time!
Tim: You're pushin' it.
The Flannels: [Singing] We're pushin' it.
Cut to the "Tool Time" set, a little later
Heidi: Our next contestants are a rap group and they're big fans of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome L.L. Tool J. and Grand Master Bath.
[Enter two really hip-lookin' rappers]
LL: What's up?
Yo Tim's in the house!
Rock the house!
Yo Tim's in the house!
Rock the house!
Say, Tim's in the house!
Rock the house!
You say Tim's in the house?
Wreck the house!
If you got a nice place --
-- and you want it kept,
Then ban Mr. Tim, --
-- 'cause he's inept!
He'll blow off your roof, --
-- and then your kitchen.
And next thing you know, --
-- your girlfriend's bitchin'.
Cuz Tim is in the house.
Wreck the hou--
[Tim gongs them.]
LL: Yo, what's up with 'dat?
Tim: You 'dis the boss, that means you lost.
[Opening credits]
Cut to the backyard, the swing in the gazebo
Randy: [Looks at his watch] Now it's only 16 hours, 37 minutes and 45 seconds until you leave for Costa Rica.....44 seconds.
Lauren: Randy, maybe we shouldn't spend our last moments together counting our last moments together.
Randy: You're right. [They kiss...Randy abruptly cuts it off] You know, I just can't believe that you're gonna be there for a whole year and I'm not going with you.
Lauren: I know. You know, when we both applied for this thing, I always pictured the two of us working together in the rain forest. You know, we'd spend our mornings protecting endangered species-
Randy: And our afternoons collecting dung samples....
Lauren: [Smiles] Look, it'll only be a year...I'll be back here before you know it.
Randy: I know, I know. I'm just really going to miss you.
Lauren: I'm going to miss you, too. Randy.....while I'm gone, would you just promise me one little thing?
Randy: [Reassuring] Oh, don't worry about it. I won't look at any other girls. Except for, uh, maybe Tiffany Tucker who's got that nice mole on her upper lip shaped like Idaho.
[Lauren laughs. Randy leans over and kisses her.... Tim & Jill are watching them through the side window]
Jill: Must be so hard, saying goodbye for a whole year.
Tim: Looks like that kiss is going to last a while year.
Cut to inside the house.
Jill: [Crossing over to fridge, Tim follows] I hate to admit it, but I'm so glad that he didn't get into that program. [Gets drink out of fridge] I'd hate to have my child living in the jungle in Central America.
Tim: I think it'll be a great experience for Lauren. She gets to frolic in the sun, pick some coffee....come back home with a nice tan and really wide awake.
[Randy enters]
Randy: [Crossing to counter] Well, that's it. Lauren's on her way.
Jill: How are you?
Randy: I'm alright. A little sad.
Tim: [Crossing to Randy] Hey, of course you're sad. What you need is something to take your mind off this, okay? You know, when I have a young girlfriend who leaves me for the jungle.... [Reaction shot of Jill cutting him a strange look. Switching approaches] When something bad happens to me, I..uh...I go to the garage and work on cars.
Jill: When anything happens to you, you go to the garage and work on cars.
Randy: You know what's weird is that it was my idea to apply to the program in the first place. And now she's goin' and I'm not.
Jill: Things happen for a reason. I mean, maybe Lauren was just meant to go.
Tim: Yeah, yeah. You know how the world works, they always favor the woman.
Cut to the dining room table
Brad: [Sitting beside Randy] What are you doing?
Randy: [Seated] Oh. I 'm putting a scrapbook together for Lauren. Each item represents some special moment in our relationship.
Mark: [Standing; picks up a little plastic bag from among the pictures] Pasta?
Randy: Yeah. That's from our first date together.
Mark: Good thing you didn't have fish. [Exits to stairs]
Randy: [To Brad] I'm gonna send this to Lauren down in Costa Rica so she'll have something that reminds her of me.
Brad: I think that's real nice of you, Randy. Here you should put that in there, too, man. [Throws a candy wrapper on the scrapbook]
Randy: [Picks up wrapper] What's the significance of this?
Brad: Nothing. I just didn't feel like walking to the trash. [He exits out back door]
[Randy throws it on the table. Phone rings; Randy crosses to answer it]
Randy: Hello? Yeah, this is Randy Taylor. [Stunned] You're kidding...... Oh, this is amazing. When?......This is great. I'll tell my parents right away. Thank you SO much. Ok. Bye. [Hangs up. Tim and Jill are entering from back yard; Jill has gardening gloves on and some herbs in her hand. Crosses to Jill and Tim] This is great. Lauren and I are going to be back together.
Tim: What, did they kick her out of the program already?
Randy: I get to go to Costa Rica!
Tim & Jill: [Shocked] What???!!!
Randy: Yeah. Some guy dropped out of the program and they're giving me his spot.
Jill: What, do they expect you to just pick up and go, just like that?
Randy: [Excited] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm gonna be livin' with a family in San Ramone, which is only about 20 miles from where Lauren lives. I leave on Saturday.
Jill: [Crosses to kitchen] You can't leave Saturday.
Randy: Well, why not?
Jill: [Searching for a good answer] Well, because that's.....the day before the day of rest.
[Randy looks from Jill to Tim, waiting for someone to explain.]
Tim: Uh...don't you need some time to get stuff together?
Jill: Yeah! You have to get clothes. You have to get all those shots.
Tim: Translate your records into Costa Rican....
Randy: [Moving upstage to hallway] Guys, I know it's kind of a rush, but I can do this. [Hesitates] Are you sure you're okay with this?
Tim: Yeah. It's all the bananas you can eat!
Jill: [Forced] Yeah. We''re really....
Tim: Excited.
Jill: We're really happy for you, honey.
Randy: Great. I'm gonna go pack.
Jill: [Continuing to reassure him] We're really happy...
Tim: Yeah...
[Randy exits to his room]
Jill: Really.....[Stunned] I think I'm gonna be sick to my stomach. [Removes gardening gloves and distractedly puts them on the counter] My child is going 2000 miles away... I'm not going to see him for a whole year?
Tim: Why is that we agreed to this thing to begin with?
Jill: Because six months ago, there were hundreds of applicants. I mean, now they've picked him, I can't believe it.
Tim: Look, if you don't want him to go, let's just tell him he can't go.
Jill: We can't do that. He'd hate us.
Tim: He's a teenager. He's supposed to hate us.
Jill: No. [Crosses to far counter]
Tim: Why? [Following her]
Jill: We have to let him go - we have to! His girlfriend's gonna be there. They're both really committed to the cause. I mean, he's got his heart set on it.
Tim: So? When he was eight years old, he had his heart set on that pony. He never got that.
Jill: Yeah, well, maybe if we'd given him the pony, he wouldn't be going to Costa Rica.
Tim: Hey, I still know that pony guy! I'll cut a deal with the guy. Oh - it's probably a horse by now, wouldn't it, because it's...
[Jill shakes her head]
Cut to Randy's bedroom
Randy: [Checking off list] Poncho...insect repellant....compass...hiking boots...[To Brad] what am I forgetting?
Brad: [Seated, straddling the desk chair] You got underwear?
Randy: Of course I have underwear. What do you think I am, an idiot? [Checks in his suitcase] Okay, I'm an idiot. [Gets underwear out of under-the-bed drawers]
Brad: So, I bet you're looking forward to being down there with Lauren alone, huh?
Randy: [Puts underwear in suitcase] Brad, it's not going to be like that. [Sits on bed] Lauren's chaperone is 6'2", 250 lbs. and she is very strict.
Brad: Well, I think it's really cool you're going down there to save the environment.
Randy: You don't think I'm crazy for doin' this, do you?
Brad: No, no [Stands and crosses upstage of bed] I don't think you're crazy. I mean, I think it's gonna be kind of weird, cuz I figure that by the time you got back, I'll probably be headin' off to college, you know?
Randy: So this year would've been our last chance to hang out together....
Brad: Yeah. We could've done some major partying.
Randy: Well, I'm not really the party guy, but...
Brad: Well, I guess we could've tortured Mark together. [Shrugs]
Randy: Yep. I am definitely gonna miss that. Of course, you know, if you want, I can score you some Costa Rican itching powder.
Brad: And if you do, I promise to send you the pictures of Mark's rash.
Tim: [Enters] Hey men, what are you guys talkin' about?
Brad: We're actually just talking about Costa Rican itching powder.
Tim: Hey, don't get me started, alright? Years ago, when you wanted a good itch, you bought American, alright? We used to be proud of this country's novelty products in my day.
Brad: Alright. I'm going to go write to my congressman. [Turns to exit]
Tim: Good work. And while you're at it, why don't you tell them about the influx of that fake vomit from Japan? All the bean sprouts in it....what's that all about?
[Brad exits up the basement stairs]
Randy: Now I know where I got my global consciousness.
Tim: Freakin' right, man. [Reaction shot of Randy grinning] Need any help packing?
Randy: No. I think I got everything. Oh - rain pants. I need rain pants. Do you think Mom could pick me up a pair?
Tim: Heh. I think your Mom would stitch them herself and drive them down there for you.
Randy: [Crosses to desk] What do you mean? [Begins to pack shaving bag]
Tim: Well, you know, I think she's havin' a little trouble with the thought of you leaving. [Sits on bed]
Randy: She didn't say anything about it.
Tim: No, I don't think she will. She won't say anything about it. But, you know, she's pretty worried about you living halfway around the world.
Randy: [Turns to Tim] Dad, it's no big deal. It's like I'm going to sleep-away camp for a year.
Tim: 'Cept at this camp, instead of arts and crafts, you've got tarantulas and man-eating fish. Not to mention the constant threat of a peasant uprising.
Randy: [Crosses to bed with shaving bag and sits] Dad, Costa Rica is THE most stable country in Central America.
Tim: [Heavy Spanish accent] That's what they said about Nicaragua. [Randy cracks up] You know, the people down there are deprived of the most basic freedoms. You can't buy a Chevy big block down there, you know that?
Randy: And... this bothers Mom...HOW?
Tim: I'm just saying that she's worried, you know? I just wanted you to know that, you know, that the thought of you moving so far away is eating her up inside.
Randy: [Heated] If Mom was so worried about this why did she let me apply to the program in the first place?
Tim: [Rising volume] If she knew she was going to be this worried, I don't think she would've let you apply to the program.
Randy: [Frustrated] Why are you telling me this now, Dad? I leave tomorrow.
Tim: I just thought it might be interesting to find out how your Mom feels about it, that's all.
Randy: Oh, great. So, either miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime or turn my Mom into a basket case?
Tim: So, you got options.
[Jill enters, wearing a safari hat draped with netting]
Jill: Ta da. I went to camping stores for a totally mosquito-proof hat. What do you think?
Randy: A mosquito-proof hat. Great. [Crosses to Jill] I'll be the only kid in Detroit wearing one.
Jill: What's that supposed to mean?
Randy: [Heated] You got your wish...I'm not going to Costa Rica.
Jill: Why? Why not?
Randy: Why don't you ask your middleman? [Gestures to Tim and exits up the stairs]
Jill: [Turns to Tim] What just happened here?
Tim: It's okay, it's okay. He'll calm down. The good news is, our son is now buying his itching powder right in the U.S. of A.
[Commercial break]
Cut to Randy's room
Jill: Let me get this straight: Randy is not going to Costa Rica because you told him that I was worried about spiders and fish.
Tim: [Crosses to Jill] And that you were worried about him being so far away. I covered all the bases. You don't need to thank me.
Jill: Thank you?
Tim: You're welcome.
Jill: Tim, I AM worried about him going. But I told you I wasn't going to stop him.
Tim: That's why I stopped him for you. Look, it doesn't matter who stopped him. The point is: he's not going.
Jill: So he's going to miss this incredible adventure and spend the rest of his life blaming me?
Tim: You know, I thought you'd be happy that I fixed things.
Jill: Tim, this isn't a leaky faucet or a broken carbeurator. This is MY relationship with my son. I did not ask you to fix it.
Tim: Not literally. But you were sending some very strong subliminal messages.
Jill: Really?
Tim: Yes.
Jill: Well, okay, so can you pick up on this message that I'm sending you right now?
[Glares at Tim]
Tim: [Looks questioningly for a moment...then tilts head to the side] That is NOT physically possible.
Cut to Wilson's fence
[Tim exits house through back door]
Tim: Hey, Wilson. [Closes door and crosses to fence]
Wilson: Hi-Ho, good neighbor. [Standing in front of grill; the open top of the grill obscures view of his face]
Tim: What's all the smoke?
Wilson: I'm roasting joe.
Tim: [Pauses] Well, I don't hear any screams. He's obviously taking it like a man.
Wilson: No, in honor of Randy going to Costa Rica, I am roasting coffee beans.
Tim: Randy's not going.
Wilson: [Surprised] Why not?
Tim: Because I told him Jill didn't want him to go.
Wilson: So the trip is off, just like that? Jill must be very upset about him going. [Crosses to fence; fence obscures his face]
Tim: The only reason I told him that is because Jill was worried about his health and safety. I mean, he's not going to be home for Thanksgiving. We won't see him at Christmas. He won't be here when I finish the hot rod.
Wilson: [Knowingly] Ah, um-hmmmm, um-hmmmmm.
Tim: He's going to celebrate a birthday down there. You know, if I want party pictures, you know.....I'll have to pick up a copy of National Geographic.
Wilson: Well, I'm still back at "Ah, um-hmmmmmm."
Tim: Arggh?
Wilson: Tim, have you ever heard of a play-
Tim: [Cuts Wilson off] No, no plays, no ballets, no chamber music, none of that....just give it to me straight.
Wilson: I'm talking about the Shakespearean comedy "As You Like It." Now in the play, the young Rosalind is uncomfortable expressing her feelings for the nobleman Orlando. The only way she can speak her mind is by dressing up as a man, the shepherd Ganymede.
Tim: [Nods] Okay....what does a cross-dressing sheep-lover have to do with me?
Wilson: Well, I suspect just as young Rosalind masqueraded as Ganymede, perhaps you were masquerading as Jill.
Tim: [Guiltily] Once...I tried on a pump--It was Halloween, for God's sake!
Wilson: No, I'm talking about masquerading your feelings. I mean, is Jill really the one who'll miss sharing the hot rod with Randy?
Tim: Of course, she's the one- [Cuts off abruptly and stares at Wilson] Are you suggesting that I stopped him from going because of MY feelings?
Wilson: [Crosses back to grill] Well, that answer can only come from the masquerader.
Tim: [Examining his hand] Alright, alright. I tried on the pantyhose, too.
Cut to the kitchen
[Tim is cooking a sauce on the stovetop; there are spices and vegetables all around the countertop. Jill enters from front door; places shopping bag and purse on counter]
Tim: [Stirring] Hi.
Jill: Hi. [Pulls rain pants out of bag and sets them on the countertop] Is Randy back yet?
Tim: No, no, he's not.
Jill: [Crosses to Tim] When he gets back, I'm going to tell him that I'm okay with him going to Costa Rica.
Tim: [Concentrating on the sauce] And you might also tell him that it was me that had the problem with it....I DON'T want him leaving for a year.
Jill: [Agreeing] You were projecting your feelings on me, 'cause you're in denial about 'em. You have all these emotions you want to express to him; you just don't know how to do it.
Tim: [Glances up briefly in assent] Yeah, [Sees Randy coming from back yard] and if you could just tell him that.... [Randy enters, downcast. Whispering] know, I'd call us even.
Jill: [Quietly] No, Tim, YOU have to do this. [Crosses to Randy and picks up rain pants] Randy! Guess what, good news! Here are your rain pants. [Shoves them into Randy's hands and starts to exit up to the stairs] You are going to Costa Rica.
Randy: [Stunned] What? [To Jill] What's changed?
Jill: [Exiting the room] Talk to the middleman.
Randy: [Puts rain pants on counter; crosses to Tim] I don't get it.
Tim: Well, it's, [Hands Randy a cucumber]...w-would you slice this for me? [Randy crosses behind Tim; stands downstage of Tim at counter; he slices the cucumber, waiting for Tim's answer. Searching for words] Do you remember your first solid food? [Looks disgusted at his choice of words]
Randy: [Slicing] I was seven months old.
Tim: [Lightening up] So you do remember? Your Mom tried to get you to eat that wimpy rice cereal, but I gave you bratwurst.
Randy: No wonder I became a vegetarian. [Breaks away from slicing and turns to Tim] So, why am I going to Costa Rica again?
Tim: [Evading] It's complicated. [Crosses to fridge. [Reaction shot of Randy staring at Tim. Closing fridge door] How did you become sixteen already? [Crosses back to counter]
Randy: [Lightly] Well, I woke up one morning, I was fifteen and thought, "What the heck, let's keep on going!" So- back to the Costa Rica thing....
Tim: [Finally getting it out] Damn it, I'm gonna miss you.
Randy: [Finally understands]'re the one who had the problem with me leaving?
Tim: The longest I've ever been away from you has been that...a week.
Randy: Yeah...and I visited you in the hospital every single day.
[Both smile]
Tim: [Quietly] I'm just not comfortable about you leaving like this. You know, we, we haven't got a chance to do half the stuff I've talked about doing with you.
Randy: Like what?
Tim: Well, we never souped anything up...even a bicycle...
Randy: Come on, Dad, [Going back to slicing] don't you remember, I was the first six-year-old ever to be pulled over for speeding?
Tim: [Laughing] And if you'd just ducked into that alley, that cop would've never seen you.
Randy: [Laughing] I know.
[Tim suddenly stops laughing]
Tim: [Painfully] Oooo. We never talked about girls.
Randy: [Lightly] Well, I'm not leaving 'til Saturday. What do you want to know?
[Tim laughs]
Tim: [Puts his arm around Randy briefly] I love to laugh with you. [Randy looks down] I'm sure going to miss you.
Randy: [Choked up; puts his hand on Tim's shoulder] Dad, I'm only gonna be gone a year.
Tim: Yeah...Yeah! And you can call. You know. You know, and then when you get back, we can go on that fly-fishing trip we talked about.
Randy: [Smiling] Yeah, I'd like that.
Tim: You know, it takes a lot of courage to go to a strange country 2000 miles away. A lot of kids would be scared to do this.
Randy: [Begins slicing again] be honest, I am scared. You know, I've talked to a lot of people who've been down there, but [Looking at Tim steadily] I don't know what I'm gettin' in for.
Tim: [Quietly] Yeah. You got any trouble, any questions, I'm just a phone call away. So fill up those rain pants with quarters, alright?
Randy: [Puts down knife and wipes his hands] Thanks, Dad.
[They hug]
Tim: [Choked up] Yeah, alright..... Oh, I'm gonna miss you.
Randy: I'm gonna miss you, too.
Tim: [Breaks off hug] Ah... you're gonna be just fine. You're gonna do well. [Stirring sauce]
Randy: You think so?
Tim: [Joking again] Yeah. You've survived every natural disaster known to man. Right here in this house.
[Randy grins]
Cut to the airport
PA announcement: Flight 557 will now begin boarding through gate 17.
Randy: [Looking around at his family; Brad and Mark on one side, Jill and Tim on the other] Well, I guess this is it.
Tim: [Looks down] Yeah.
Mark: Have a good trip, Randy.
Randy: [Crosses to Mark] Thanks, Mark.
Mark: [Holding out a video tape] And, uh, here's a video I made of you and Lauren making out in the gazebo.
[Mark and Brad exchange grins.]
Randy: [Takes video, frowning] You're a very odd boy, [Smiles] but I'm gonna miss you.
Mark: I'm gonna miss you, too.
[They hug]
Randy: [Turns to Brad] You, [Pushes him in the chest] I'm not gonna miss so much.
Brad: [Grins] Have a good trip, buddy. Save a tree for me, heh?
[They hug]
Randy: [Choked up] You got it. [Crosses to Tim] Dad?
Tim: Well I got you a little present, a recorder [Holds it out]. So you can record your thoughts in the jungle and send them back to us. We've put some stuff on there like this: [Pushes button]
Jill's voice: Wear your sunblock. Don't forget to write.
[Jill smiles, embarassed. Randy grins. Tim shakes the recorder to get it to play]
Tim's voice: Never look a monkey in the eye.
Tim: [Hands it to Randy] Mmmm.
Randy: [Takes it; choked up] Thanks, Dad.
Tim: Mm-hmmmm.
[They hug; Randy breaks away to Jill. She is already teary-eyed]
Randy: Mom?
Jill: [Smiling through tears] I'm fine, I'm fine. [Puts her hands on Randy's arms] Ummm, I packed you some snacks in your backpack, in case you don't like the food on the plane. There's celery. There's carrots. Or if you want to mix them together, there's celery and carrots.
Randy: Mom...[Can't say anything]
Jill: I love you.
[Hugs him]
Randy: I love you, too.
[Randy crosses to the exit door]
Jill: [In tears] You have a great time. And don't forget to write. Call when you get there.... Call BEFORE you get there.
[Randy hands his boarding pass to the attendent]
Randy: [Smiling] Or I could open the emergency door and just yell out the plane.
[Randy exits. Reaction shot of Tim looking stunned. Reaction shot of Jill, crying. Jill crosses to Tim and they hug]
[They show a montage of bloopers of Jonathan from over the years.....]
1st: Jonathan shaking his head over a messed up line, throws a fast food bag on the counter [from [3.11] "Feud for Thought"]
2nd: Jonathan waving his hands and walking off the stage in embarassment after saying the line "When do you think I'll get to wear a bra, Mom?" [from [3.17] "Room for Change"]
3rd: Jonathan cracking up at Tim and unable to regain his composure. They are at the kitchen counter. Tim is making fun of how Jonathan puts his hand up to try and stop laughing.
Tim: [Putting his hand up like Jonathan's] That'll help, this helps....
[from [7.02] "Clash of the Taylors"]
4th: Jonathan is exiting through the garage door, but someone has locked it. He runs right into it. Zachary laughs at him. Jonathan turns to the audience, laughing at himself, and makes a disappointed face. Then turns as if to attack the door. [from [7.23] "Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges"]
5th: From "Adios".... Jonathan crosses to his bed with the line, "Dad, Costa Rica is THE most stable country in Central America." Tim comes back with the line, "That's what they said about Nicaragua." But he cracks himself up with the heavy accent he puts on Nicaragua. His laughing makes Jonathan laugh. They laugh together for a while...

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