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Season Two

025 / 2.01 - Read My Hips

Jill has planned a romantic surprise dinner for Tim, who is at Big Mike's with Al and the guys from K&B Construction. He phones home and she flirts with him, and he doesn't notice and comes home two hours late. Jill is upset and accuses him of not picking up all the signals she sends. Tim thinks that signals should be clear and dresses up as Fred the phone repairman so he can fix the problem. Brad is wondering whether Jennifer pounding him is a sign that she wants to kiss him.

026 / 2.02 - Rites & Wrongs of Passage

Tim has bought tickets to a truck rally and the boys are excited. The next day, the principal of Brad's school tells Jill that Brad pulled a prank with a dead frog in food line at school. So they ground him for the weekend, but Tim talks Jill into letting him go to the truck rally. But the next day, a policewoman brings Brad home after he threw stones at a greenhouse. As punishment, Brad can't go to the truck rally. Tim turns to Wilson to find out what's wrong, and Wilson tells him how he must help Brad step into manhood. So he lets Brad use the firecutter. Also, Tim takes parts in a cabertoss competition.

027 / 2.03 - Overactive Glance

Tim and Jill are going out ot dinner. When Jill and Karen see Tim checking out a woman on Tool Time, they bet he won't last long before he looks at a woman in the restaurant. When they arrive, Tim tries hard not to glance at anyone, but it's difficult when a gorgeous woman asks for his autograph. Randy has trouble playing football; he fumbles all the time. When glue doesn't help, Tim builds a training machine for Randy to exercise with.

028 / 2.04 - Groin Pains

Jill is cleaning and fills a trunk with books which she wants Tim to carry to the garage. But when she feels how heavy it is, she doesn't want him to do it. Tim wants to impress Jill so he carries the trunk anyway, and he pulls his groin muscle but doesn't tell Jill. Randy gets the role of Peter Pan in the school play, but he can't fly because the school hasn't got the machine needed. Tim insists on building and trying one.

029 / 2.05 - Heavy Meddle

Tim is finally ready to put the engine in his hot rod, so he invites "the guys" over to help him. When he finds out that Al and Greta broke up, he invites Al as well. When the guys arrive, they all have their wives with them, all for different reasons. When Jill wants to fix Karen up with Dave and someone suggests they barbecue, Tim can see where this is heading. He gets really upset and Jill turns to Wilson to find out what she's done wrong. The McGurn brothers cause problems for the boys, and Tim wants them to beat up the McGurns or pelt them with water balloons.

030 / 2.06 - The Haunting of Taylor House

It is Hallowe'en and Brad is having a party for his friends. He and Jennifer have decided to dress up as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. When she arrives, she is wearing leather clothes like Danny. Tim talks with Brad, asking him what he did wrong. He doesn't know but talks with Jennifer after Tim has told him that "I understand" are the two most important words you can say to a woman. Danny has bored Jennifer the whole night and is starting to annoy Jill. So she and Tim agree to scare the hell out of Danny in the basement where Tim has made a "Catacomb of Terror."

031 / 2.07 - Roomie for Improvement

Mark has chicken pox so Tim can't stay at home as he's never had them. When Al plays a little trick on Tim on Tool Time, he wants to make it up to Tim by letting him stay at his apartment. Tim doesn't want to but can't bring himself to tell Al. So he ends up at Al's where he has to listen to square dance music and watch home videos of Al's childhood. He also meets Cynthia, Al's neighbor, who wants to meet Al but he keeps rejecting her. Tim tells her what Al really wants: no rush and respect for her. The stars Michael and Mario Andretti are on Tool Time where they guess engine sounds.

032 / 2.08 - May the Best Man Win

Tim is preparing to start the project house for Tool Time when Maureen Binford turns up and tells him that she is his new producer. She tries to change everything on Tool Time. Al is also becoming good friends with her, and Jill has got a job on the "Inside Detroit Magazine" so Tim is all alone to handle the problem. Even Wilson gives him bad advice, so he turns to Mark. In a last attempt to show Maureen who's boss, he walks on the roof of the project house and fall through it.

033 / 2.09 - Where There's A Will, There's A Way

Jill finds some wills that Tim and she never finished. She wants to finish them now but Tim doesn't. When she does it anyway, Tim can't help but give his opinion about who should have his tools and the children. He turns to Wilson to ask him whether he should do it or not and finds out that he could die tomorrow and so should write the will; after all, if you rearrange the letter in his name, it spells "mortality." Mark overhears this conversation and is afraid that his father is going to die, but Tim assures him that even though his father died early, it doesn't mean that Tim is going to die.

034 / 2.10 - Let's Did Lunch

Dave and Karen are going to the opera and Dave tells Tim that he needs him to tell Karen that they both had lunch together the day before; he lied to Karen because he was seeing another woman. Jill knows that Tim didn't have lunch with Dave and is suspicious. She gets Tim to tell her the truth, and now Tim has to confront Dave and make him tell Karen about it. Before he can do it, Karen breaks up with him, and Tim is sure that Jill told her about Dave's infidelity. So Tim is confused about which lies you can tell and which you can keep secret. On Tool Time, Tim makes Al take part in a wood-sniffing contest. The boys run into trouble with the McGurn brothers again after they make Mark the "Mudman". So they want to get revenge by building a catapult and throwing garbage into the McGurn garden.

035 / 2.11 - Abandoned Family

Jill is going to work and hasn't got time to look after the house, so Tim is going to take over the responsibilities for a while. He wants to do things his way even though they may not be as effective as Jill's. Jill was supposed to make a gingerbread house for the school PTA meeting but as she doesn't have time, Tim says he'll do it. But when he forgets the boys lunches, makes a gingerbread house which is inedible, and "improves" the dryer so it spins round the floor, it becomes too much for Jill. She wonders if she is not supposed to work, but Tim assures her that he can run the house; after all, the improvement he made to the washing machine did work. Maureen Binford tries to run Tool Time in a way Tim doesn't like again. This time she wants to make "The Bachelor Corner with Al" with helpful household hints for bachelors.

036 / 2.12 - I'm Scheming of a White Christmas

Randy and Brad are collecting money for the Oak Lane Children's Center and they get the idea of taking half the money for themselves; after all, charity begins at home. When Jill discovers the comic books, video game, locket and watch Brad and Randy have bought, they really get into trouble. They have to go down to the Children's Center and apologize and give the money back. On Tool Time, Maureen has booked "The Manhattan Transfer" to sing instead of "The Barking Dogs" whom Tim wanted. Al dresses up in a Santa suit and gets stuck in a chimney.

037 / 2.13 - Bell Bottom Blues

Tim is complaining about the closet space. He wants Jill to throw out some of her hats, belts, and other clothes or he will "reorganize" the whole thing. When he walks upstairs with a sledge hammer, Jill tries to stop him and they agree on a new, super high-tech closet with remote control. Brad has punched a boy in school named Mickey Walker because the boy called Brad "Diaper Baby" after seeing Tim hug Brad. He doesn't want Tim to hug him anymore. Tim doesn't understand why until he has a hugging session on Tool Time. They both agree on a code language instead of caring words.

038 / 2.14 - Howard's End

Jennifer brings her fish over so Brad can take care of it while she is out of town for a few days. She tells him to keep the fish well-lit, but he puts it too close to the desk lamp and it dies from over-heating. Randy suggests they find another fish that looks just like it so Jennifer won't know. Unfortunately they can't find one so they try to make it look like the fish is still alive; they stick a ball-bearing in its mouth so it doesn't float. Jill sees that the fish is dead and tells Brad that he must tell Jennifer the truth, and Randy helps out by telling her how worried Brad was about how Jennifer would react. Tim and Jill have a big fight over who owns what and why. He thinks he owns the car, not because he paid for it but because he maintains it. He is also upset because Jill opened her own checking account with telling him.

039 / 2.15 - Love is a Many Splintered Thing

Randy is going to perform a ventiloquist act at the talent show at school but is nervous because his lips move and he hasn't got a decent dummy. Tim has a solution to both of his problems; he carves a dummy out of wood that looks like himself and Wilson paints it. All Randy has to do is grunt and move the dummy's mouth. Jill takes a compatibility test for herself and Tim and finds they don't match. Jill thinks it is because she does all the compromising but Tim disagrees and he and the guys at work make another test.

040 / 2.16 - Dances with Tools

It is Jill and Tim's wedding anniversary and they are talking about giving each other gifts. Jill has bought a steering wheel for the hot rod but only wants Tim to get her a sweater she has picked out. But Tim wants to do more, so he takes them both to ballroom dancing lessons. Because he isn't good at dancing and Jill is dancing with another guy, Tim just cracks jokes and wants to impress the teacher. When he dances with the teacher, he spins her around and she flies out of the room and hurts herself. On Tool Time, Tim is given a "Certificate of Appreciation" for promoting safety at home and on the job. Al isn't happy about this because his name isn't on the paper.

041 / 2.17 - You're Driving Me Crazy, You're Driving Me Nuts

Tim and Jill are going to Sheila's wedding and they hope that this time it's for real; Shelia has been stood up three times. Shelia has given Jill instructions for driving there. Tim is sure they don't need them but Jill brings them anyway. After Jill has asked Tim to ask for directions many times, he finally stops at a shop after ending up in the wrong state. Officer Lambert gives him directions he doesn't understand and after driving for a while, they end up back at the same shop. When they both go into the shop, the car rolls into a ditch. Tim has to get it out, so Jill goes to the wedding alone where Shelia is stood up again.

042 / 2.18 - Bye, Bye Birdie

An annoying woodpecker is disturbing Tim's sleep, so he attempts to get rid of it without much success. Brad is faking being sick to avoid going to school. He won't tell Jill what the matter is, but Randy tells her that Brad and Jennifer broke up. What she doesn't know is that Brad broke up with Jennifer because she wouldn't let him copy her homework anymore. Jill finds out when Jennifer turns up with Brad's math workbook. Tim and Jill try to teach Brad how to multiply compound fractions but they find it even harder than Brad does. And for the first time, Tim finds a use for the woodpecker!

043 / 2.19 - Karate or Not, Here I Come

When Brad and Randy won't let Mark play football with them, and because he needs self-confidence, Tim and Jill agree on signing him up for one sport. Jill wants him to pick gymnastics but when Tim tells him he can pick karate, Mark wants to do that. Jill thinks the sport is a little too violent. When she visits the karate school and sees a big boy picking on Mark, she gets into a fight with the boys' mother; and Tim gets hit by the mother's handbag. Even though Tim should have learnt his lesson, he gets into trouble with the boy's father. Wilson tells Tim that both he and Mark need to be mature enough to know when karate and especially violence can and should be used.

044 / 2.20 - Shooting Three to Make Tutu

Tim and the boys are going to watch the Pistons vs. Bulls game on TV, but Jill wants Tim to take Mark to the ballet instead because she doesn't have time to do it herself. Tim doesn't want to because he hates ballet. He talks to Wilson about the problem and Wilson gives Tim two front-row tickets to the game for Tim to give to someone else. Tim convinces Mark to go to the game after only half an hour of ballet. When they get back, Tim wants Mark to "delay the truth" for Jill so she won't get upset but she finds out that they were at the game anyway. When Randy and Brad are home alone, they try to smoke a cigar. When Tim finds out, he makes them sorry they ever lighted it.

045 / 2.21 - Much Ado About Nana

Jill's mother, Nana, is coming to visit for Mark's birthday. When she arrives, she has lost a lot of weight thanks to Tim and all his jokes about her. Jill has cleaned the house and wants it to look perfect for Nana's arrival, but Nana says it looks "nice" and that is where the problems begin. Nana tells stories about Jill, and has a gift for her. Jill wants the antique clock but instead she gets a tea set. Tim can't understand why Jill and her mother don't speak to each other about the problems. When Nana thinks that Tim and Jill are having problems, Tim tells her about Jill's problems with her.

046 / 2.22 - Ex Marks the Spot

When Tim and Al are at Big Mike's, they meet Tim's old girlfriend Stacey Lewis. As they talk about what has happened since, Al almost invites Stacey home to meet Jill and Tim gets upset. He tells Al that he never actually broke up with her. Because Al also tells Jill about them meeting, Tim needs to confront Stacey. When she arrives at the Taylor house, she and Jill begin to talk about Tim and Jill finds out the truth. When Al wants to have lunch with Stacey, Jill sets up a dinner appointment for all four, but Tim finds out that Al doesn't really want to see Stacey. So he tells Stacey that Al couldn't make it, but when Al turns up and tells the truth, Tim is caught in a lie for a second time.

047 / 2.23 - To Build or Not to Build

Mother's Day is coming up and Jill wants Tim and the boys to get her something from the heart so Tim makes the boys build her something. He makes the garage into "Man Central" and Randy tries to build a birdhouse but doesn't succeed. When Jill finds out, she gets mad at Tim because he doesn't understand how important Mother's Day should be. But he learns when he talks with Wilson and his mother. Instead of a birdhouse, Randy gives Jill a magic trick where he makes Tim disappear in a trunk. Unfortunately he can't get him out again so they all leave him and go to dinner.

048 / 2.24 - Birth of a Hot Rod

Tim is finally ready to start the hot rod engine, but it won't. Because he spends a lot of time fixing it, Jill complains that he doesn't make time to fix things around the house, like the doorknob, the stove, and the ice dispenser. So she tries to do it herself, but when that doesn't work, she calls a repairman. Tim is upset, partly because he doesn't want people to know that he can't fix the small things, but when Gus the repairman offers to help him with the hot rod, he is happy again, and finally gets his hot rod started.

049 / 2.25 - The Great Race

The viewers of Tool Time vote Bob Vila as their favorite guest on the show, even though Tim deliberately left him out of the contest. So Bob is invited on Tool Time and talks about a lawn mower race he's planning. Tim wants to impress Bob so he agrees to race him. Tim puts a jet engine from a Chinook helicopter in his lawnmower and, of course, loses control over it during the race. Mark is complaining that Randy and Brad never play with him; they promise him that they will if he takes "the test." He must put a tadpole in his mouth but unfortunately he swallows it. He tells Jill, and Tim and Mark get revenge.

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