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Season Three

050 / 3.01 - Maybe, Baby

Jill's sister Carol is having a baby girl. When they talk about the baby's name and Jill is going through the boys' baby toys, she wishes she could have a baby girl. Tim tells Randy and Brad that Jill always wanted a girl so they tell Mark that Jill wished he had been a girl. This upsets Mark and when Jill wants to bake a cake with him, he doesn't want to. When she finds out the truth, she tells Mark that what Randy and Brad told him isn't true. Tim is also upset because he doesn't want another child. But he feels alright again when Jill tells him that they don't have the time for another child.

051 / 3.02 - Aisle See You in My Dreams

It's Al's birthday; he's 35 and realizes that he should get a wife soon. When he blows out the candles on his birthday cake, he wishes for a wife. When Jill hears about it, she wants to fix him up with the sister of a woman she's working with. Her name is Ilene and she works as an orthodontist. Al has arranged a dinner at his place for Tim and Jill, and when Ilene appears, he finds out that she is also desperate for a husband and kids. So he proposes to her on Tool Time; but he soon regrets it. Randy and Brad write a letter to Mark, pretending to be Isiah Thomas, the basketball player Mark has been writing letters to, asking to come for dinner. When Jills finds out, she and Tim tell Mark to get revenge.

052 / 3.03 - This Joke's for You

Tim has installed an intercom in the house and given it more power; it doesn't work so he has to work on it. When Randy and his friend Jeremy are up in Randy's room, Tim gets the intercom to work and hears how Randy cracks jokes about him and calls him a goof-ball. This hurts Tim so he grounds Randy for a week. When he talks to Wilson about the problem, he realizes that Randy is entering puberty and grounding him is not the solution. So for the first time on Tool Time, Tim doesn't tell jokes or screww anything up and Al thinks that Tim is playing a trick on him. Brad borrows Dicken's "David Copperfield" and wants to read it so he can talk to Jennifer about it. When he finds out that it isn't David Copperfield the magician, he suddenly doesn't feel like reading it. When Jennifer breaks up with him, it hurts Jill as much as Brad.

053 / 3.04 - A Sew, Sew Evening

Joe and Marie Morton have just moved in across the alley, and Joe is trying to get to know Tim, but Tim finds him really annoying. Joe accidentally dents the grill on the hot rod. Tim tries not to get too upset, but instead tries to get rid of Joe by telling him that he has to take care of Jill, and Joe gets the idea that Jill is drinking. Unfortunately, Jill has become good friends with Marie and, when they all go out for dinner, Jill finds out what Tim said. Later, Tim makes up with Joe after he buys Tim an original '33 grill for the hot rod. Brad has signed up for classes at school and picks home ec. to get to meet girls. But when all the other boys in his class do the same, he regrets it.

054 / 3.05 - Arrivederci, Binford

On Tool Time, Tim gets the horrible news that his boss, Mr. Binford, has died of a heart attack. Al knows that Tim felt Mr. Binford was like a father to him and so Al thinks that Tim should mourn over Mr. Binford. Tim doesn't feel like it because he has taught the boys that guys don't cry. But Jill assures him that there is nothing wrong with crying. Wilson thinks that crying is just one way of mourning, so Tim has to find his own way to say goodbye to John Binford. So Tim gives him a Tool Time fashion salute on the show.

055 / 3.06 - Crazy for You

It's Hallowe'en and Jill plans to get even with Tim "The King of Hallowe'en" Taylor, who always plays a trick on her and everybody else on Hallowe'en. Marie, their neighbor, pretends to be "Rose," a fan of Tim on Tool Time. She sends him cookies but Wilson thinks they might be poisoned. When "Rose" calls Tim at home, she says that she loves him and wants him. In no time, Tim is a total wreck, picking up a bat before opening the door, and so on. Just before shooting a Tool Time show, he realizes that the audience is full of women from the "Sharpshooters Club" and he gets a letter from "Rose" telling him that she's sitting in the front row and will be at the party tonight.

056 / 3.07 - Blow Up

Jill has done a lot of fund-raising for the library and there is a dinner in her honor. Marie, her neighbor, has arranged a surprise for Jill; Tim is going to have the photo lab blow up a picture of her so everybody can sign it. Unfortunately, when Marie reminds Tim that there is only half an hour to get it to the photo lab, Tim grabs the first photo he can find - Jill's driver's licence photo - and has it blown up. It is a really bad picture of Jill, and Jill is upset. When Tim tells Jill it was Marie's fault, and she finds out that it wasn't, she accuses Tim of not understanding how important this night was for her. Al and the boys go to a miniature golf course and when Brad gets a hole-in-one, Al gets upset and then gets suspended from the golf course.

057 / 3.08 - Be True to Your Tool

Wes Davidson, the new president of Binford Tools, meets Tim after the show and shows him a new prototype of a reciprocating saw which he wants Tim to promote on Tool Time. When Tim takes it home and takes it apart, he discovers that it is an inferior and bad tool. So he doesn't want to promote it on the show, but when he and Al visit Wes, he tells Tim that he is able to cancel the show unless Tim promotes the saw. Jill says she will be behind Tim whatever solution he chooses. He comes up with an idea that saves both his job and stops production of the saw. The boys get to buy groceries for the first time and have found a good way to save money to buy luxuries.

058 / 3.09 - Dollars and Sense

Nana bought some bonds for the kids a long time ago, and now the boys can have the money. They agree on going to the baseball store and investing the money in baseball cards. When Tim sees a 140-dollar autographed Indy-car with remote control, he would really like to have it but he knows that the boys can't handle sharing one thing. They buy the car anyway, and when they boys can't resist seeing it drive, they take it into the garden and it gets damaged. They try to repair it but Jill notices the damage and gets revenge big time. Tim and Al are doing a salute to high steel and while visiting the building the K&B Construction guys are working on, Tim falls down into a toilet.

059 / 3.10 - A Frozen Moment

It's Thanksgiving Day and Al and Ilene are coming over for dinner. Tim has had a vision: he doesn't want the same old boring Christmas card photo; this time he wants to show the spirit of the Taylor family as they are. They will have to wear costumes at the North Pole in the "Christmas Village" he's going to build. The boys have to wear elves costumes, which they don't want to. The snow machine doesn't work properly and smashes the garden door. On Tool Time, Tim and Al present the "Bathroom for Men Only" which has everything a man could want when sitting in it.

060 / 3.11 - Feud for Thought

Jill finds out that there is a school reunion and she wants to go, even though she's bound to meet her old friend Joanie Graham who stole her boyfriend 20 years ago and is the reason Jill didn't go to her high school prom. When they all get together, Joanie wants to talk about "it" and Jill finds out the truth why she hasn't heard from Joanie since the incident. While they are talking, Tim and Jack try to fix the amplifier at the reunion. At home, Al is looking after the boys and Brad's new girlfriend Ashley. He tries very hard to control Brad, Ashley and Randy's bronchitis, but Randy locks him out of the house when it all gets too much. Luckily, Wilson has some extra keys.

061 / 3.12 - 'Twas the Blight Before Christmas

It's Christmas time and Tim wants to win the Christmas lighting contest which Doc Johnson has won for the last nine years. He doesn't understand why everytime he puts something up on the roof, Doc has already done it right before him. He finds out that Randy has been talking to Doc's granddaughter and she pumped him for information. Brad wants to spend Christmas skiing with Tom Wheeler's family but, because it is on Christmas Day, Tim and Jill won't let him go. When all the family except Brad are at church, Tim walks home to talk to Brad and finds him on his way to go skiing.

062 / 3.13 - Slip Sleddin' Away

When Randy comes home with his sled, he is upset because he lost a race to Vinnie McGurn who challenged him. He wants to get even by beating him up, but Tim suggests that he can improve the sled and that Randy could challenge Vinnie to another race. When he does, Randy sprains his arm and has to go to the emergency room. Everybody there knows Tim and he is glad to be there without being the patient, but that soon changes. Jill is upset because she doesn't like the idea that Randy could get hurt in the race but, when she finds out that Randy wants to race because he has to fight back as he's the shortest boy in his class, she realizes that she was wrong after all.

063 / 3.14 - Dream On

Al isn't in a good mood and doesn't want to come to dinner at the Taylors with Ilene. Tim gets Al to tell him that he's upset because Ilene had a dream about Tim riding on a golden stallion wearing tight bicycle shorts. Al wants to be that guy and feels like he's not man enough for Ilene. Tim talks Al into coming for dinner anyway and when Al and Ilene arrive, she accidentally mentions a horse, and Tim starts joking about stallions and bicycle shorts. When Ilene realizes that Al told Tim, and Tim told Jill, she breaks up with Al.

064 / 3.15 - Reel Men

Al wants to buy an ice fishing shanty and wants Tim to go there fishing with him. At first Tim won't, but when he finds out that Jill has invited Marie and Ilene over to watch musicals, talk about men, and remove unnecessary body hair, he accepts. When they arrive, Tim has brought a TV and watches football when Al wants to fish and talk. When they don't catch anything, Tim suggests they make the hole bigger. When he tries to do that, he falls through the ice and loses the car keys and has to call Wilson to bring a spare set. Then Tim "improves" the heater so the shanty burns down.

065 / 3.16 - The Colonel

Jill's father, an Army colonel, comes to visit. He asks for Jill's and Tim's opinions on a military book he's written. The book is very boring and even Wilson fell asleep while reading it, and Jill has trouble telling her father the truth. Randy is a hockey goalie, and Tim builds a puck machine so he can practice. After a couple of tweaks, the shooter works almost too well.

066 / 3.17 - Room for Change

Brad complains that Randy bugs him all the time when he's on the phone. Tim wants to move Randy in with Mark, but Jill thinks they can talk things through. When Jill isn't home, the squabbling gets too much for Tim and he moves Mark in with Randy and Brad into Mark's room. Mark is happy about it, but Randy isn't until Jill explains the benefits to him. On Tool Time, Tim plays a prank on Al with a "soundproof" booth.

067 / 3.18 - The Eve of Construction

Tim and Al take part, with the help of some celebrities, in the Habitat for Humanity project to build homes. Jill wants to help but Tim explains that married people shouldn't work together. So Jill joins Al's team, together with other women - and Wilson. Tim thinks that he can build his house faster than the "girls" team, but has to admit that "men are equal to women." Brad finds a gold locket on the street and gives it to Ashley, but when he finds out it belongs to Marie, he has to get it back but is afraid to tell Ashley the truth.

068 / 3.19 - Too Many Cooks

After a taping of Tool Time, the staff begin setting up the "Cooking with Irma" set, and Al and Tim talk with Irma. She tells them that she can't host next week's shows because her daughter has had a baby. She wants Al to host the shows with Tim as his assistant. They agree and, when they do the show, Tim tries to crack jokes like on Tool Time, but the female audience only laugh at Al's jokes. Tim wants to quit but Jill makes him change his mind. Randy has been staring at a girl named Beth at the class photo, and wants to meets her so Brad sets up a meeting at home. Randy tries to be cool, but he only says dumb things. Luckily Wilson is there to help out.

069 / 3.20 - It Was the Best of Tims, It Was the Worst of Tims

When Jill throws a baby shower for a friend at work, Tim charms all the women there. Jill wants him to stay home afterwards for some romance, but Tim has promised to go to the Demolition Derby with the boys. When he returns home, Jill is all excited but Tim spoils it all. After a talk with Wilson, Tim finds out what he did wrong and makes up for it.

070 / 3.21 - Fifth Anniversary

Tool Time features a "man's kitchen" with all the amenities. But when planning a big production for the 5th anniversary show, Tim finds that the kitchen has blown Tool Time's budget. So for the anniversary show, we get a peek back at the "first episode" of Tool Time. Al and Jill surprise Tim with racing car driver guest stars.

071 / 3.22 - Swing Time

Tool Time features changes at the K&B Construction site - and those changes include a woman foreman, Les. Tim challenges her to a "battle of tools." For Mother's Day, Tim and the boys want to get rid of the swingset and surprise Jill with a hot tub in its place. The surprise is on them however; she'd rather have a herb garden, and Tim finds out that the swingset means more to them than he first thought.

072 / 3.23 - What You See is What You Get

Jill is doing some research on cosmetic surgery and, while playing with a computer program to change a person's looks, Jill finds out that Tim would prefer her with surgery to the way she looks now. The boys play games with Tim and the loser has to clean the house.

073 / 3.24 - Reality Bytes

Randy discovers a singles bulletin board on his computer. He poses as a 32 year-old dermatologist and corresponds with 25 year-old Molly in St. Louis. He plagiarizes the love letters Tim wrote to Jill in college. Jill discovers the ruse when Molly comes for a surprise visit. Tim "helps" Mark with his science project. Six shuttle astronauts from the NASA Endeavour Space Shuttle Crew guest star on Tool Time.

074 / 3.25 - The Great Race II

Tim suggests an auction of the "Tool Man" to help Jill raise money for the library. Jill appears on Tool Time as the auctioneer, and Al has a surprise entry - Bob Vila, who brings in more money in the auction than Tim. Tim challenges Bob to a hot rod race. But Tim's car isn't even finished yet!

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