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Season Four

075 / 4.01 - Back in the Saddle Shoes Again

Tim is less than sensitive when Jill is laid off and decides that she wants to go back to college. Initially Tim has reservations as he's afraid that he will lose her to smarter guys. On Tool Time, Al and Tim have a dry-walling competition, which Al easily wins.

076 / 4.02 - Don't Tell Momma

Tim lectures Jill about improper care of her car after she touches up a scratch with nail polish. However, on a special Tool Time, Tim drops a 3 ton beam on Jill's car and tries to hide the car from her. Brad and Randy get kicked off the school bus for gluing Vinnie McGurn's butt crack, as he was bullying them.

077 / 4.03 - Death Begins at Forty

Harry, the hardware store owner, has a heart attack, and Tim begins to worry about his health as he's approaching his 40th birthday. Wilson tells Tim that eveything will be okay, as he's had a heart attack and is fine now. The boys give Tim a "Tool Man" and Jill arranges for Tim to fly in a jet. On Tool Time, Tim and Al are shrunk to go inside a small block 350 engine.

078 / 4.04 - The Eyes Don't Have It

Mark's teacher wants to meet with Tim and Jill; Mark is having problems at school. Tim and Jill try to figure out what is wrong. Jill thinks that the problem could be that she is neglecting Mark because of Tim and her busy schedules, but they both miss the real problem; Mark needs glasses and is afraid of looking stupid. Al bores the studio, Heidi and Tim with the history of linoleum.

079 / 4.05 - He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible

Tim's brother, Marty, comes by and tells Tim he's leaving his wife. Tim tells Marty that things will get better, but that turns Marty against Tim. Also Tim puts a hole in the floor while trying to install a central vacuum. Jill needs to finish her psychology paper, but there are too many distractions.

080 / 4.06 - Borland Ambition

Jill says no to Tim's desire to buy into Harry's hardware store, so Al buys into it instead and is less than a "silent partner." Tim is also annoyed when Al starts advertising "Harry's Hardware" on Tool Time. Tim saves Al's relationship with Ilene as Al is spending too much time in the hardware store. Mark wins a Hallowe'en competition when he goes dressed as Al.

081 / 4.07 - Let's Go to the Videotape

Tim videotapes Jill's speech at the library, then accidentally leaves the "record" button on when he critiques her performance for his hardware-store buddies. When Jill screens the tape, she sees Tim referring to her as "the big bopper of boredom." Tim redeems himself by reading Jill's psychology books, and re-recording a conversation with the guys at the hardware store.

082 / 4.08 - Quibbling Siblings

Jill tries to explain to Tim that middle son Randy's scrapping with his brothers is really a bid for his share of Tim's attention, which the boy feels he is definitely not getting. This is made worse when Brad is made Tim's assistant when Al can't make it. Brad is very nervous around Heidi as he has a crush on her.

083 / 4.09 - My Dinner with Wilson

While entertaining the Taylor family for Thanksgiving, Wilson announces that he's moving away. But Tim tries to keep Wilson as a neighbor - and gets a peek at life from the other side of the fence. However Tim advises Wilson for once, quoting Mario Andretti, and Wilson decides to stay.

084 / 4.10 - Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher

Tim is paid a visit by his favorite high-school shop teacher, Mr. Leonard. Jill learns that this is the man who first recognized, aided and abetted Tim's unnatural need for "more power." But guest-appearing on Tool Time, Mr. Leonard has to admit that arthritis has ruined his hands and he can't cut metal anymore. But when Tim tries to help out, Leonard gets angry and leaves. After a talk with Wilson, Tim decides to pay Mr. Leonard a visit.

085 / 4.11 - Some Like It Hot Rod

Tim has a shot at getting the family hot rod featured in a major automotive magazine, but Jill almost spoils it because of her own busy agenda with Mark's fourth-grade Christmas Pageant; she has to use the garage, so she leaves the hot rod outside in a snowstorm. Trying to make it anyway, Tim gets help from Al to clean up the hot rod, but they both fall asleep.

086 / 4.12 - 'Twas the Night Before Chaos

Tim's brother Marty and his wife Nancy are visiting for the holidays with their new twin baby girls. Jill's parents also come from Texas and their bickering threatens to spoil Christmas. Jill and Tim try to help her parents solve their marital problems. As usual, Tim goes all out to beat Doc Johnson in the lighting contest. On the Christmas edition of Tool Time, we see ice sculpting with a chain saw.

087 / 4.13 - The Route of All Evil

Brad takes on an early-morning newspaper route after assuring Jill that his school work won't suffer. He finds it harder and harder to get up in the morning, and starts falling asleep whilst doing his homework, but is afraid to quit the job and disappoint Tim.

088 / 4.14 - Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?

Tim gets his hot rod in a show and, without consulting his family, he decides to sell it. Tim has a tough time coming up with the reason he did it - other than all the little zeros that have made it a big-money deal. Desperately trying to get the car back, Tim and Brad decide to buy one to rebuild instead. Even though Randy doesn't want to, Jill takes him shopping for clothes; he's afraid she'll embarrass him in front of someone he knows.

089 / 4.15 - Superbowl Fever

Tim has a Super Bowl TV party for his friends while Jill is sick upstairs with the 'flu.

090 / 4.16 - Bachelor of the Year

Mark has to do a school project on the "Most Interesting Person" he knows. Of course, Tim thinks it should be himself, but Mark decides he'd rather do it on Wilson. Al gets written up in a Detroit magazine as one of the city's "Most Eligible Bachelors" and the women begin flocking after him. Al's ego inflates by 10 times, his behavior changes, and he alienates everyone around him, especially Ilene. Finally, Tim brings Al down to earth by being a true friend and telling Al the "truth": that one of the reasons the women were going crazy over him was because they added an extra zero on to what his salary was in the magazine article.

091 / 4.17 - It's My Party

Tim wants to throw a snow mobile party for Randy's party, but Randy would rather have a co-ed party; Tim decides to build a polished dance floor - with 16 layers of polish. At the party, Randy decides to ask Michelle to dance, but she slips on the floor and hurts her ankle. She has a very protective father who nearly didn't let her go to the party. He's not impressed with the news of her injury, or that he saw Tim running around the house with no trousers on.

092 / 4.18 - A House Divided

Tim's free-loading friend, Benny, moves into his aunt's house while she is away. There is a gas leak and Tim does a Tool Time special on fixing the leak. But there's a second leak and the house blows up. Tim tells everybody that it wasn't his fault. Benny moves in with the Taylors and drives them nuts, so they do up Benny's aunt's house to get rid of him.

093 / 4.19 - The Naked Truth

Tim's brother, Marty, has a job interview in Detriot, so he and his wife, Nancy, come to stay with the Taylors. Thinking she was Jill, Tim walks in on Nancy in the shower, and they see each other naked. Tim is very uncomfortable about this and doesn't want to tell Jill or Marty. But over dinner, Nancy can't keep it to herself any longer and she tells them. Marty is even more uncomfortable about it than Tim. Randy goes to a Bar mitzvah but has to come home again when he splits his trousers. Brad suggests repairing them with a stapler; Tim would rather use a hot glue gun - while Randy's still wearing them.

094 / 4.20 - Talk to Me

Tim and two guys commiserate about their mates on Tool Time. Tim accidentally crushes dinner and then drops Jill's ring down the furnace. Furthermore, he calls Jill an "old hen" on Tool Time.

095 / 4.21 - No, No, Godot

Jill has booked theater tickets for the same night as a hockey game, so Tim has to get rid of his tickets for the game. Tim persuades Al to help him sell them outside the arena just before the game. They think they're in luck when they find a buyer, but he turns out to be a policeman who arrests them for scalping tickets. They spend 45 minutes in jail before Jill and Ilene can bail them out. Wilson is looking after the boys whilst Tim and Jill are out. Mark papier machés Wilson's face.

096 / 4.22 - Tool Time After Dark - Part 1

Tim ignores Jill's advice, eats too much Polish food and spends an entire night watching old Tool Time episodes.

097 / 4.23 - Tool Time After Dark - Part 2

Tim ignores Jill's advice, eats too much Polish food and spends an entire night watching old Tool Time episodes.

098 / 4.24 - Sisters and Brothers

Tim gets stuck in the middle when Jill's career-driven sister, Carrie, comes to observe Jill's world so she can decide if the married life would suit her too. Meanwhile, Tim's brother, Marty, moves to Detroit; and Al and his brother, Cal, have it out on Tool Time.

099 / 4.25 - A Marked Man

Deb Selby, a husband-calling contest champion, demonstrates her calls so loudly that Tim loses his hearing for a few days. Al hesitantly approaches Tim about the possibilty that one of the boys has stolen an expensive Swiss Army pocket knife. When Tim and Jill question the boys, no-one confesses and Jill doubts her sons would steal and lie. However, while putting the laundry away, Tim searches their rooms, while Jill convinces him not to because she trusts her kids. The missing knife turns up in Mark's dirty laundry, and Tim loses his temper and overreacts, leaving Jill to calm him down. Mark does not come home from school and Tim and Jill frantically call around and find him at the hardware store. Mark admits he stole the knife to impress his brothers.

100 / 4.26 - Wilson's Girlfriend

Jill acts as a matchmaker, roping Wilson into his first date in 20 years. And Tim promises to give Wilson a few pointers to the big event.

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