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Played by Earl Hindman

Wilson Wilson

Vital Statistics

  • Full name: Wilson ? Wilson Jr. [4.26]
  • Born: March [8.20]
  • Spouse: Catherine (deceased), married in November 1969 [4.09]
  • Parents: Wilson Wilson Sr., Wilma
  • Niece: Willow
  • Other relations: Uncle Nilsson Wilson, who is a barrel-maker in Stockholm [6.15], The Beach Boys - Carl Wilson, Brian Wilson & Dennis Wilson - are Wilson's cousins [6.14], other Wilson relations include: Wilhemina Wilson, Wilbur Wilson, Wilma Wilson, Willard Wilson, Wilfred Wilson & Bob the black sheep [7.15]

Dated Judith Haber, Jill's teacher [4.26], [5.05]

Played by Beth Dixon

Judith Haber

Other Information

  • lives at 508 Glenview Road [4.09]
  • Met Catherine in the Mindo-Nambillo forest of Western Ecuador [4.09]
  • attended Greenville School for Boys [5.21]
  • flew spy planes in the war [5.17]
  • had a heart attack in 1979 [4.03]
  • had distant relationship with scientist father Wilson Wilson, Sr. [4.26]
  • was a park ranger [6.15]
  • spent a semester in Oxford where he had a fling with the English novelist Jilly Cooper [6.23]
Wilson's Full Face

Wilson's Full Face

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